About Us

Exafluence is a leading data and analytics company that focuses on empowering organizations to stay ahead of the curve in their respective industries. We specialize in leveraging modern digital technologies to help our customers gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. 

Our flagship platform, ExfDigital, utilizes IoT, Big Data, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence to provide actionable insights. Our pre-built 'Feature Blocks' enable faster delivery of high-quality solutions that solve complex business problems and offer significant cost savings using the latest Big Data and Analytics frameworks. 

With a global presence, we have established ourselves as an innovative leader in various industries, including Healthcare and Pharma, Banking and Financial Services, Consumer Products and Retail, Telecom, Industry4.0, and others.

Delivering excellence
for over 8 years

Team of 175+ professionals globally

Located in 5 offices across 3 countries

Company Vision

Our vision is to help our clients achieve a competitive advantage in their pursuit of creating value for their customers and society as a whole through innovative, data-led analytics solutions

Mission Statement

Our mission is to empower enterprises to navigate digital transformation and achieve innovation-driven growth by leveraging cutting-edge data and analytics technologies such as IoT, Big Data, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence

Meet Our Team

  • Ravi


    Ravikiran Dharmavaram
    CEO & Founder

    Ravi is the founder and CEO of Exafluence with 25+ years of experience in Analytics and BI. He recognized the benefits of Open-Source technologies and Mobile platforms early on which led him to launch Exafluence in 2015.

  • Karthik


    Karthikeyan Sankaran

    Karthik is the CTO of Exafluence, leading the product delivery and technology division. With over 25 years of experience in AI-powered Analytics, he is a subject matter expert in Media, Telecom, and Retail industries.

  • Sreenivas


    Sreenivas N Talapaka

    Sreenivas is the COO of Exafluence, leading the Industry 4.0 practices and overseeing operations. His team specializes in providing advanced services such as IoT gateways, digital twin, and predictive analytics to clients.

  • john


    Jonathan Witt
    VP, Sales USA

    Jon is the VP of Sales USA at Exafluence and leads Pre-Sales and Inside Sales. With deep SME knowledge of FSI and a consultative approach to solving business problems, he helps drive successful outcomes for clients.

  • Srikanth


    Srikanth A
    VP, Emerging Verticals

    Srikanth is the VP of Emerging Verticals at Exafluence, advising business leaders on building analytically-driven and digital-enabled businesses that are customer-friendly and cost-optimized.

  • shankar


    Sankaranarayana S V
    VP, Service Delivery

    Sankar is the VP of Service Delivery at Exafluence, responsible for managing our agile projects across various industries to ensure successful outcomes for clients within their budget and timelines.

  • michael


    Michael Cross
    Head of MongoDB Partnership

    Mike is Exafluence's Head of MongoDB Partnership. With a strong sales and technical background, he successfully penetrates competitive accounts and develops key relationships with clients and partners.

  • geetha


    Geetha Sudhir
    Global HR and Recruitment Leader

    Geetha is the Global HR and Recruitment Leader at Exafluence, responsible for leading our Staff Augmentation Division. She plays a key role in recruiting senior talent to support our company's rapid growth.

  • jeevan


    Jeevan Jamakayala
    Head of Platform and Innovation

    Jeevan is the Head of Platforms and Innovation at Exafluence, with expertise in incorporating technical solution algorithms into client solutions. He is also a published IEEE author on visual fusion.