A Unique Approach To Solve Your Problems

We develop the latest, scalable and resilient solutions to power your business that brings your legacy data along to new resilient Cloud Native applications faster.  

Our Data focus looks to automate analysts and project teams to be ready for Analytics.  This includes incorporation of AI, ML and NLP/NLQ and process mining working seamlessly with an automated data pipeline. 

 A collaborative approach means we transfer knowledge to your teams to get you the  applications ready to run your business while reducing the need to recruit expensive and limited digital talent.  

.Best yet, every Exafluence digital project starts with our Industry Speed Layers under a zero cost perpetual license to enable small teams to deliver outsized outcomes.  



Technical Capabilities

Exafluence is your global technology Innovation Partner.   Accelerators get you live faster with less cost and risk.   We help our clients build enterprise apps that are resilient, scalable and able to run on any cloud.  We've been providing Micro Services based Mobile and Enterprise solutions on Docker Containers ready for Kubernetes Clusters with lineage and logging since 2015.   Let us help jumpstart your digital projects! 

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We bring accelerators for Healthcare, Financial Services and IoT to every project to speed the time to go live by 40-60pc.  Examples:

  • FHIR EHR integration on Redhat OpenShift, AWS FHIR Works and HAPI Server with MongoDB Atlas. 
  • Master Data Management and Data Harmonization with codeless Transform and Data Quality Rules.



Data Modernization

Exafluence comes with the proven approach of People, Process and Technology to migrate legacy apps to the Private and Public Cloud.

Imagine a project that starts with the latest Python/JSON/Java app that includes database reconciliation tools, searches for data 'bombs' and testing accelerators.  You can with Exafluence on your team.

We bring tools for Data Quality Assessment, Data quality Accuracy and Completeness which then evolve into Change Data Capture rules during parallel testing all to get you live faster.

Along the way we provide a full data dictionary and rules catalog accessible via RestAPI and Python/JSON code blocks for easy integration into your Enterprise Tools.

All of the development and testing receives accelerators to get you from 'A' to 'B' faster with less risk and lower cost!

Data Analytics

From Migrating Legacy BI to the latest real-time analytics  platforms Exafluence's focus on Curated Data and Data Science means providing your  analysts with the latest capabilities from RestAPI, GraphQL and advance visualizations.

Recent projects included:

  • Migration of Hundreds of legacy BI reports to Power BI
  • Real-Time Healthcare Patient Analytics with MongoDB Charts
  • Advanced Chemical Cartridge Search using RDKit and Custom Python extensions on MongoDB

Adding AI/ML Models to Solve Problems

Whether looking to understand customer churn or acquire visual data contained in Charts Exafluence's exf Insights allows you to quickly test the latest algorithms and incorporate it into an automated data pipeline.

IoT Data Analysis

With the advent of 5G and IOT connectivity, billions of connected, integrated devices are helping people discover and reinvent ways to communicate in workplace, with friends and family and how businesses interact with their customers. Organizations  leveraging data and analytics will be at forefront of this once-in-a-generation transformation.

Lead the transformation with data powered value generation in the market

  • Omni-Directional Scale: Generate the value from the power of your data with a bespoke platform capable of scaling in every direction and be ahead of your current and future demand
  • Digital Customer: AI & ML driven analytics to identify each customer as an individual rather than a ‘persona’ or a ‘Segment’.

MongoDB Certified Developers

Developers love MongoDB to achieve unique solutions faster.  Exafluence has delivered new applications in Healthcare, Financial Services, Telecomm  and Industry 4.0.  

Out Developers know MongoDB and your Relational Database Management platforms.  Whether Snowflake, Oracle, Postgres, Azure AQL, MS SQL, My SQL or COBOL/DB2 we can help execute your technology vision.

MarkLogic DB and Data Hub Replacement

Exafluence has teamed with MongoDB to offer MarkLogic Document and Data Hub Services to provide data support while markedly lowering cost via leveraging the latest OpenSource projects integrated into an Automated Data Pipeline using MongoDB Atlas to run on any cloud! 

The MongoDB and Exafluence Insights Data Capabilities are provided on a Zero Cost perpetutal license and moves your organization to a proven platform with capabilities to be leveraged by Python/JSON developers.  Codeless capabilities let's your SMEs solve real business problems faster, too.

Reverse Engineering

Exafluence is able to reverse engineer to mine IP buried in COBOL/DB2, ETL (Informatica) and SQL Stored Procedures (Oracle, Postgres, MS SQL).

Semi and Unstructured Data Ingestion

Exafluence can bring custom workflows to selectively analyze and/or extract data from DICOM Images, .PDFs, Spreadsheets to support a full automated data pipeline with lineage.

Examples include Private Equity Manager Statements, Screen Scraping and Excel ingestion.  

Process Mining and Enterprise Risk Compliance

Using the latest Algorithms Exafluence working with our clients logs is able to look at Enterprise Risk compliance using Process Mining.


"Exafluence delivers outsize results with small teams and is always willing to do whatever it takes to meet often tight deadlines on mission critical projects."  - Multi Billion Dollar Healthcare Payor.