Provider data is referenced by payers via their provider directories, and it is trusted upon during the Claims Adjudication process. Maintaining accurate and uniform provider data continues to be a challenge, due to constant flux of information as physicians move locations, join new networks and adjust care offerings.

Blockchain services in USA create a trusted environment for data recordation and exchange via technology standards that connect stakeholders, and support the applications used by providers and payers to manage the wealth of data created by the industry.

EXF leverages IBM Hyperledger for

  • Aggregation and analysis of population health data, updating of provider data and its matriculation through a network, sharing patient's medical records and updating as she moves through the care continuum from a primary care provider, to a specialist, to a pharmacist.
  • Recording of clinical trial data and tracking of prescription drugs monitoring them through the supply chain.
  • Sharing of claims information between payers and providers
  • Utilization of collected medical data to its maximum potential, data portability and interoperability of records between systems.
  • Enabling secure, high-data-integrity interoperability through well-defined API and data standards ensuring secure permissioning of provider data across payers over the career of a physician via Cryptography
  • Identification of components inherent to blockchain services in USA, combined with credentialing data, serve as a foundation for a Unified provider ID
  • Automation and elimination of many of the internal quality control and change request processes at a payer

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