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Launch of Education division

Exafluence Announces Joint Research Project with IIT - Tirupati                          

#Exafluence is glad to initiate a Joint Research project with the Indian Institute of Technology, Tirupati(IIT_T) in “Modernization initiative towards comprehending COBOL programs through Knowledge graphs" cited in 'The Hindu' dated 23rd October 2021.


 ChemoInformatics  with RDKit Support on MongoDB


  • Integrate Public Chemical Cartridge Sources into your Proprietary and Privileged Sources in Days
  • Chemical Engineers and scientists can now securely interrogate open source and proprietary Chemical Cartridge permissioned data sources to help you speed innovation. MongoDB is used by leading Chemical, Pharma and Life Science companies globally.
  • The MongoDB JSON Document Model provides the flexibility to align Metadata across sources of Chemical Cartridge databases and allows for introduction of AI and ML faster and at lower cost.
  • Supports Fingerprints and Tanimoto similarity

Exafluence Announces Global Strategic Partnership with MongoDB to Modernize Legacy Applications in Finance and Healthcare

MongoDB and Exafluence, a MongoDB Global Strategic Partner can now provide the means to replace MarkLogic and the Mark Logic Data Hub with the world’s most used document database.



Key Benefits are:

  • Lower Costs
  • Viable Vendor
  • Ability to access a wide pool of developers
  • Deployment on Private and Any Public Cloud with MongoDB Atlas
  • Support for Data Manipulation that is Multi-Domain and Multi-Model and follows a Multi-Source to Target approach inclusive of Mastering and Gold Copy Creation
  • Smart Matching of data using NLP and ML following a meta data driven approach
  • Data Governance Automation and Interoperability via REST API or Python/JSON Code Blocks
  • Data Harmonization (Matching/UnMatching) leveraging a low-code/codeless rules capability
  • Resiliency and Scalability via Docker Container and Kubernetes support