Exafluence is building and implementing solutions for Industrial IOT in the following domains.

Early detection of symptoms via connected devices and Sensor data for Healthcare and Insurance industry

Biosensors on connected health gadgets and wearables increasingly help detect early signs of problems before they develop into complicated and costly diseases. EXF provides IOT Services in USA which helps aggregate and normalize data from the sensors, recognize patterns and anomalies in data to report symptoms that are potentially approaching prescribed threshold limits. These ahead-of-time symptoms and actionable insights help Insurers target their customers with customized messaging on preventive home-based treatment tips for them to keep the illness at bay.

Preventive Maintenance of industrial machines for Manufacturing companies

EXF couples IOT sensor data with Machine Learning algorithms to predict machine failure well ahead of time thus enable preventive maintenance. This saves time, money and effort spent otherwise on laborious manual monitoring. Timely alerts to the maintenance team helps them ensure smooth, efficient and effective operations with just-in-time, optimal intervention. EXF is the best IOT service provider in USA which provides the following services:

  • Data acquisition service - Aggregate PLC & sensor data from IOT gateway at real time
  • Continuous Monitoring, Alarms & Event service - keep log of reported evets from IOT gateway and trigger alarms for the configured events when anomalies are detected in CoS machine operations
  • IOT Publisher and Dashboarding service - Push machine data to on-premise and web dashboards for further analysis