Exf Insights

Exf Insights

Exf Insights is a library of ML / AI algorithms that are built on R and Python, executed leveraging Alteryx workflows and Rest APIs. It is set of ensembles that enable the customer to get deep insights in the following areas

  • Classification
  • Outlier detection
  • Regression
  • Rules Engine
  • Auto cleaning
  • Deduplication

We have algorithms that are leveraged for understanding images, videos and unstructured content. We also have IoT cloud that analyses the sensor data for different applications . We leverage these algorithms for customer behaviour, Sentiment analysis, Medical history diagnosis using images, Analytics on IVR, Videos and chats.

The entire platform is cloud enabled so the customer can prepare data sets, train datasets, validate different ensembles that fit their requirement. It is a jumpstart kit for doing the analysis of Market data for financial services, Customer data for behaviour and identifying patterns in unstructured and structured data.

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