Have you managed the ever burgeoning needs around Data Privacy and Security?

Any company dealing with personal and sensitive information of their clients should secure the data and ensure compliance to the HIPAA & GDPR standards.

Companies across industries all over the globe that deal with personal and sensitive information of their clients are mandated to secure the data and ensure compliance to regulations such as HIPAA, HITECH Act, CLIA, Dodd Frank Act, Basel II Accord, PCI DSS,GDPR standards etc. Though there are robust network level security and access level security policies implemented in the company, the number of data breach cases is on the rise every year. Increased collaboration amongst various players in an open-API driven ecosystem perpetuates the risk even further. The biggest challenge now in every company is to protect their data at the core by adopting a "data-centric" approach by encrypting and safeguarding their information.

EXF manages Encryption and decryption of databases while at rest and in usage, identifying anomalies by leveraging AI & ML algorithms, looking at the network usage and logs.We also provide an additional layer of cloud security enabling Reporting tools interoperability with different distribution systems with enhanced security.

Data Security Product Offering:


EXF provides a software product to encrypt and migrate the entire schema including the tables, columns, and the actual data, using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). The data at rest as well as in use can be encrypted and decrypted at runtime with little change to existing applications. No development effort is required to decrypt the data as our custom driver configuration perform all the necessary SQL encryption and the results are decrypted and fed back to the client applications. Complex queries can be made to the encrypted data itself. We support various database platforms such as Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Hadoop.

Machine algorithms in place continuously monitor logs, transactions, and critical data access and identify suspicious activity. Alerts can be enabled to notify the teams for preventive action.



Are you able to enrich your data using external and internal sources?

Most firms across all major industries today are grappling with the issues around their ability to integrate data from their proprietary systems, third party data providers.

Are you able to free up your bandwidth from cost-saving projects to allocate more time for data innovation projects?

Firms of the future need to focus more on their core, mission critical processes than deploy armies of people on rudimentary, ‘Run the Business’ Operations.

Are you able to upkeep the health of your data under governance?

Setting up and implementing a robust Data Governance framework is crucial to manage the ongoing cultural, procedural and structural impacts on the MDM initiatives.

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