Analytics Connect

Analytics Connect.info

It is one stop virtual COE solution for Mongo DB, Alteryx and MuleSoft, creates a community for users of MongoDB, Alteryx and Mulesoft. It is a platform to collaborate, share ideas and look for opportunities available with Exafluence. It provides Exafluence accelerators developed in the technologies EXF is focused on. It is also the one-stop place for raising tickets, for solving problems which EXF customers encounter for the technologies EXF has expertise in.


Exf Health 360

Exf Health 360 provides analytical reporting and master data management for Payers and Providers. It enables different departments of payer and provider or

Exf Insights

Exf Insights is a library of ML / AI algorithms that are built on R and Python, executed leveraging Alteryx workflows and Rest APIs. It is set of ensembles

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