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Exafluence is a Master Reseller of Alteryx's data sciences and analytics platform. Our experienced technical team of Alteryx Certified Architects and Developers provide services across various Alteryx server components viz. Designer, Engine, Service and Gallery. We help implement Alteryx Server, Alteryx Connect and Alteryx Promote, fast-tracking the customer's time-to-market and the total cost of ownership(TCO). We provide 'Data Quality as a Service', a Managed-services offering inclusive of Term Licenses, a Serverless Architecture, Flexibility to scale-up & down and a 24/5 Support Model - triaging and resolving issues across Alteryx and other ancillaries as well as third party BI tools.
Our Exafluence Customer 360 platform uses ML Predictive Library provides list of ensembles that are integrated in Alteryx macros, also available as Rest APIs, for deployment to:
  • Ingest, Wrangle and perform Exploratory Analysis on data from multiple, typically disconnected, diverse sources.
  • Aggregate information into a standardized formal, perform easy-merge and deduplication to present a single version of truth and a unified view of the customer.
  • We cover the entire lifecycle of data across Behavioural Analytics, Pattern Recognition, Classification, Image Recognition, Anomaly Deduction, Matching, Auto Cleaning, Duplicate Records, Sentiment Analysis, Rules Engine, Speech to Text Cognitive Search, NLI and NLG for Alteryx Services in USA