SCMXpert is Supply Chain Monitoring and Business Transformation Solution which leverages "Best of Breed" digital technologies for Proactive Inventory Planning & Shipment Quality Assurance.We "Monitor,Control and Transform" Supply Chain by offering "Shipment Monitoring as-a-Service(SMaaS)". we provide digital insights to solve complex business problems of real-time planning and monitoring using our Proprietary Devices and Platform

We Partner as extended arm of Supply Chain teams of our clients to provide end-to-end visibility of shipment by seamlessly integrating to ERP/SAP systems.


Supply Chain-Business Experience

  • Decades of WM,Logistics Exp.
  • Decades of SCM Planning Exp.

Digital Strategy Experience

  • IOT,AI and Blockchain
  • Digital roadmap development

Supply Chain IT Experience

  • Integration of SAP & Cloud
  • Decades of SCM Transformation

Digital Strategy Experience

  • IOT,AI and Blockchain
  • Digital roadmap development

Digital Platform Experience

  • Digital Platform Integration
  • Reports and Predictive Analytics


  • Pharmaceuticals,Chemicals
  • Several others
  • Healthcare,Medical Devices
  • Shipping and Transporttation
  • Food & Perishables
  • Dairy & fresh produce
  • Consumer & Industrial


Supply Chain Monitoring

Our core supply chain Monitoring offerings include Shipment monitoring services, Supply Chain Control Tower, Shipment cost Optimization, Cold Chain Management.

Supply Chain Integration

Our Integration services include ERP to Cloud Integrations, TMS systems, Warehouse & 3 PL system Integration and RFID/Barcode scanning system Integration.

Digital Transformation

We offer services for your digital transformation initiatives. This includes digital strategies & reporting, automation (RPA & AI), data analytics & reporting, Blockchain management. We also provide training & change management consulting and staffing services.

SAP Implementation

We offer to share our extensive SAP S4 HANA experience with implementation of End-to-End SAP s4 HANA program or support with PMO services, Test & Data management, Training/ Change management effort to work alongside your project teams.