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Exafluence leverages cutting-edge technologies like IOT, AI, Blockchain and Cloud to digitize and automate shipment tracking and help reduce product waste, improve planning and ensure better-quality assurance for our logistics and supply chain clients.
Exafluence is a development and GTM partner for SCMXpert recognized as “20 Most Promising Supply Chain Solution Providers in 2019 within USA”. We offer a proprietary shipment monitoring platform SMaaS to help supply chain and logistics teams monitor real-time location, temperature, humidity etc. for temperature sensitive products.
We help to develop our client’s digital strategy and build integrations with their IT systems to support them with real-time information for perishable products. The solution helps build Supply Chain Control Tower (SCCT) and Cold Chain Management (CCM). Our team helps with:
  • Any Digital Supply Chain Strategy & Roadmap
  • Integration to ERP / SAP / Cloud
  • Integration to RFID, Warehouse & 3PL

    Some of the Benefits and Savings through our platform are

  • Proactive Inventory planning and $$ saved due to reduced wastage
  • Cheaper cost of shipment monitoring, and exception handling
  • Improved quality assurance and reduced insurance cost
  • Improved Shelf-Life of products
  • $$ saved due to better performance assessment of shipment partners     (Transporters & others)