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Digital Asset / Digichain

We provide consultancy and expertise with blockchain/distributed ledger adoption and product development across the healthcare industry, orchestrating contracts, helping members create new networks and invent new business models ensuring trust and seamless collaboration between the different players in the Healthcare ecosystem.
Exafluence is addressing the entire Healthcare Supply Chain - Providers, Payers, Pharma and CRO companies - the full business process by leveraging Digital Assets’ DAML-smart contracting programming language. Our solutions digitize and secure multi-party agreements geared towards optimizing the cost of care and eliminating administrative inefficiencies.
Our Provider credentialing solution offers a membership portal, an exchange that provides members with verified information driven by mutual handshake mechanism between provider block, patient block and claim block, built leveraging DAML. We have a warehouse that is used to calculate the outstanding HEDIS scores. Our DAML driven smart contract solution helps improve outcomes by letting Pharma and CROs enter value-based contracting with Providers. It also helps in collection and enrichment of Oncology based registry, data from biomarkers as well as clinical data thus driving seamless patient care, cancer research and cancer control programs.
Our team of DAML experts provide advisory, assessment and product development & implementation services, leveraging open source DAML, helping avoid vendor lock-in by seamless adapter driven interoperability across:
  • Any Blockchain – Hyperledger, Sore tooth, Concord, Digital Asset
  • Any Database – CORDA, PSGRES, SQL, MYSQL
  • Any Cloud platform GCP, AWS, MS Azure, IBM Cloud